Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great Day!

As you are reading this, I pray that your day has been a great one. I am 31 days out to being 40 and can honestly say that I have had some great days in my life. I am blessed to be teaching at Greater Atlanta Christian school. I have the opportunity to do a lot of good. I am thankful for those opportunities. I am trying here lately to have great days. Everyday I am alive and can be good to those around me is a great day. Every time I hear of someone dying, I am touched. It really doesn't matter if I know them or not. I feel for those who are grieving their lost. I want to comfort them, and try to just be there for them. I can't do that with everyone. I can lift up prayers and try to encourage.

What is keeping you from having a great day? Don't let anyone steal your Joy. We do have a savior who died for you and want you to bring as much glory to him as possible. He don't mind if you have a little fun while doing it. I'm praying for you today to have a great day!

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Ann said...

Enjoyed seeing Mike Cope a year or so ago at CCOC talk about what is sucking the joy out of your life. I now call all the people who ruin my positive day a "joy sucker" - and this world is filled with those. Remembering the very words you reminded us of today are what lift me back up.

Thanks friend.